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Want to easily transform any outdoor space into a refreshing oasis during hot summer?

SoFresh is the perfect product for that purpose. This advanced mist technology system produces water mist which refreshes and cool outdoor space. And can be easily attached to tents, umbrellas, patios and more. 



✅ Cools effectively:

The water mist produced by SoFresh absorbs the heat from the outdoor surroundings, increase the humidity and cool the air temperatures up to 20 °C


✅ Covers big area:

This system can cover a larger area than traditional watering thus perfectly suited for the plant watering in your big garden or patios for example


✅ Environment friendly:

SoFresh directly uses tap water to spray water mist. Not only will you save water because it sprays mist instead of direct water but also you don’t need any electrical power to use it.

✅ Easy to set up: 

the product with an easy to follow instructions containing images as guidelines


Complete peace of mind - 30 days

Because our SoFresh® is innovative and made with the highest quality materials, we’re able to offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee. All our current customers are satisfied and we want you to be too!

if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase we’ll refund or replace the item within 30 days of receiving your order. You can reach our customer support through an E-mail, we are available round the clock. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews


My kids love to play outdoor in hot summer, and they love it when it cools them.

Andre D.

  • Verified purchase


Great Quality, so far I noticed no leaks from this product. And it refreshes well outside.

David Z.

  • Verified purchase


It saves a lot of water compared to my usual watering pipe.

Eve L.

  • Verified purchase


Really easy to use and saves water. My garden looks so fresh now.

Amelia N.

  • Verified purchase


Just as described, easy to follow instructions, quick install and cools effectively.

Tom K.

  • Verified purchase


Cheap, easy to install and comes spare components in case you need them.

Carla R.

  • Verified purchase


a great alternative if you are too busy to water your lawn.

Lauren V.

  • Verified purchase


The mist reaches so far outside, it covers my whole yard with ease.

Henry G.

  • Verified purchase


Good quality products, It feels great to be outside on a sunny summer day.

Carlos T.

  • Verified purchase

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